Professional Lawn Care service

Whether conspicuously at the front of your house or concealed in the backyard, almost every home has a lawn. A beautiful, attractive and well-maintained lawn is the pride of every homeowner. A well-maintained lawn serves to landscape your home and increases its resale value if you decide to sell it. It’s no surprise that many homeowners spend lots of money, time and effort on lawn care. There are those who prefer professional services attend their lawns while others prefer to do it themselves. Garden Line is the best to call whenever you want any work done in your garden or lawn.

  • Price Includes All Equipment & Tools Needed

  • 7 days a Week Availability, Regardless of the weather

  • 180 litres of Green Garden Waste Disposal for Free

  • Fully insured & Reliable Expert Gardeners

If you’re a homeowner and would like your lawn done by a professional lawn care service, then Garden Line is there for you. From regular lawn maintenance to landscaping services and quality turfing, these professionals can give you a hand whenever you need it. All you have to do is get in touch with us and let us know what kind of maintenance you want for your lawn. We will pay you a visit soon after your call to assess the magnitude of the job. We also offer professional advice on all aspects of lawn maintenance and landscaping.

Professional Lawn Care Service That Exceeds Expectations

  • Lawn Mowing – However simple this task may sound, our experts will perform it with due diligence and expertise.
  • Watering – Watering your lawn and the grass is essential in keeping it looking beautiful and healthy all year round.
  • Lawn feeding – This is an important maintenance activity that helps keep your lawn flourishing and an envy of your neighbours.
  • Aerating – This process involves the injection of oxygen directly into the soil on your landscape. Aerating your lawn helps your grass develop a good root system.
  • Scarifying – This is more like exfoliating your yard. This involves removing the dead material from the lawn grass and replace it with new, healthy grass.
  • Grub and Pest Control – This involves applying an array of pesticides on your lawn to curb pests.

In addition, you can always count on the expert advice of your gardeners when it comes to decisions regarding the well-being of your garden.

We are experts at gardening

When you hire our expert and professional services you get to experience high-quality services. You can also choose to take advantage of the other services we have on offers such as outdoor repairs or tree surgery in a single visit.

  • All the needed tools and equipment are available on the day of your job
  • Our gardeners are professionally trained, DBS-checked and highly experienced
  • We offer flexible booking schedules and offer our services everyday of the week
  • We work in all weather conditions, which means your job will be completed in one day regardless of what happens with the weather on the day
  • Our services are effective and guaranteed to save you on a lot of time and effort

Our work is above expectations

You may be wondering what to expect when you call us to work on your garden. Well, we will be able to provide you with the best services to ensure the place will do well in the next seasons. We are available online so all you have to do is call and make a booking.

Once you make a booking, the gardeners will arrive on the property on the day that you arrange. They will assess the place and decide on what to do depending on whether you have something in mind or not. If you have an idea you can share it with our experts and they will carry out the service that you want.

Punctual, reliable and responsible.

Very professional job performed by efficient and courteous gardeners. Will recommend.
Johnathan P.

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